St. Petersburg has a moderate climate. However, as the city is located close to the sea, it is very likely that there will be windy.
The daily mean in April in St. Petersburg is +5 °C (+10 °C). But the weather in our city may be unpredictable and can change dramatically. Besides it is often raining. So, we advise you to take into consideration these features of weather.

Official language

The official language in St. Petersburg (as a whole Russia) is Russian, but almost in all shops, cafes, hotels you will be understand in English.


The local currency is Russian ruble (RUB).

Credit cards

All major credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, shops, cafés and restaurants. You should always carry photographic ID as you may be asked for this when making a transaction (not always, but sometimes it may be necessary).

Cash Machines

There are many ATMs in the city either beside banks or as stand alone cash-points.


Banks are open from 10:00 - 19:00 from Monday to Friday, and some larger branches also operate on a Saturday at the same time.


Forbidden to smoke in the following places according to Russian legislation:

  1. long-distance trains and on ships on long voyages;
  2. in rooms designed to provide housing services, hotel services, services for temporary placement and (or) provision of temporary accommodation;
  3. the premises for providing personal services, trade services, catering, indoor markets in non-stationary trade objects;
  4. on passenger platforms used exclusively for planting in the train, disembarking from the train passengers during their transportation in suburban.

Emergency phone numbers

«02» for police, «03» for ambulance, «01» for fire


City Mariinsky hospital (GOOSE)
St. Petersburg, Foundry pr., D.56 "Mayakovskaya"
Phone: +7 (812) 275-74-46
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City Hospital №2
St. Petersburg, Training lane., 5 Ponds
Phone: +7 (812) 510-93-98
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Intercession City Hospital (GOOSE)
St. Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, Grand Avenue, d. 85 Vasilevsky Island
Phone: +7 (812) 322-13-67, +7 (812) 322-26-31 Website:
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Leningrad Regional Hospital
St. Petersburg, pr. Lunacharsky, 49 Ponds, Prospect Enlightenment
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Restaurants & Bars

Everyone has to eat. But imagine yourself dining in some of St. Petersburg's best restaurants and savoring hearty and tasty traditional Russian fare and variety of international cuisine. Search through our comprehensive restaurant listings and choose the restaurant and cuisine that most appeals to you.

Breakfast: 10.00 - 12.00hrs
Lunch 12.00-16.00hrs

Bars are open for lunch and usually close at 00.30hrs with nightclubs open until 06.00 in the morning.


Time zone(s): MSK (UTC+03:00)[9]
License plates: 78, 98, 178
Dialing code: +7 812
The official website of the city:
The district of the city where the conference will be held: The central region