Saint Petersburg is a federal and the second largest city in Russia. It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. That is why it is possible to get St. Petersburg by plane, by train, by car and coach.


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St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport is not served by metro, you have two options to get to the center of the city (Chernyshevsky subway station, st. Tavricheskaya, d. 21-23 where the conference will take place).

By bus from airport to place of the Symposium

  • First you need to take the bus number 39, 39A and Minivan Taxi number K39. It is cost near 40 rubles.
  • Then you can get to the Chernyshevsky metro station by subway (one stop from Moskovskaya metro station). It is cost 35 rubles.

By taxi from airport to place of the Symposium

Taxi costs approximately 850 rubles. Click on the link below to go to the websites. (tel. +7 (812) 333-00-00) - in English (tel. +7 (812) 648-21-21) only in Russian



If you are using satellite navigation, please enter the postcode 191015.

Сoordinates of st. Tavricheskaya, d. 21-25 ( where the conference will take place) : 59°56'41"N 30°22'43"E



From Europe to St.Petersburg you can reach by international bus. Ticket to St. Petersburg you can buy online on the company website that represented below. This companies is Lux Express, Ecolines, Temtrans and etc.

This busses comes to Baltic Station or Vitebsk Station or bus station (Obvodny Canal metro station). Then you need to get to the Chernyshevsky metro station by subway. It is cost 31 rubles for one way ticket.


In St. Petersburg there are a lot of railway stations in different parts of the city. The developed transport infrastructure makes staying tourists even more comfortable.

Planning your journey:

Baltic Station
St. Petersburg, nab. The bypass channel, 120
subway "Baltic"
tel. Reference: +7 (812) 457-28-59 show on map


Vitebsk Station


St. Petersburg Country ave., 52
subway "Pushkin"
tel. Reference: +7 (812) 436-43-36 show on map


Ladoga station


St.Petersburg, Zanevsky prospect,73
subway «Ladoga»
tel. Reference: +7 (812) 436-53-10
internet resource: www.lvspb.rushow on map


Moscow railway station


St. Petersburg, pl. Rebellion, 2
subway "Mayakovskaya", "Revolt Area"
tel. Reference: +7 (812) 457-44-28 show on map


Finland Station


St. Petersburg, pl. Lenin, 6
subway "Lenin Square"
tel. Reference: +7 (812) 436-67-46 show on map


Book your ticket:


Check timetable:

** Reference service / Railway station of St. Petersburg – Tel. 067, 062

Reference service for all commuter train stations in St. Petersburg - Tel. +7 (812) 457-79-00